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Becoming a Couple

Financial discussions aren’t romantic but if you have clients who plan to tie the knot, make sure they don’t forget about life insurance. Foresters products can help newlyweds plan for financial health long after the big day.

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40% of women wish their spouse or partner had life insurance, or more of it. Visit Foresters.com for more info.
In only 30% of households do both spouses know major details about the family finances and where to find account information. Visit Foresters.com for more info.
Does my spouse need life insurance too, even if he/she doesn't work? Answer: The loss of a non-working spouse can have a significant financial impact on the family. Stay at home spouses often run the household, taking care of tashs such as child-rearing, cooking, cleaning and chauffeuring and many studies have estimated the value of these tasks at more than $100,000 per year. The cost of hiring people to provide these services in their place can help you determine how much coverage your spouse needs.
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Pursuing an Education

Your clients want their children to have the best opportunities for a successful future. But the cost of postsecondary education has risen dramatically.1 Foresters solutions can help make their dreams a reality and protect their future.

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Only 22% of American parents feel very prepared for money conversations with their kids. Visit Foresters.com for more.
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Starting a Family

Are your clients preparing for a baby? Their bundle of joy comes with a lot of extra expenses from birth right through to college. Foresters products can help ensure they live the life your clients planned for them, no matter what happens.

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Did you know? It costrs an average of $245,000 to raise a child to the age of 18 and that doesn't even include paying for college.
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Buying a Home

It’s part of the American dream and it’s one of the biggest financial decisions your clients will ever make so it’s important they have the right protections in place. Foresters solutions can help protect their investment.

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29% of Americans say they would spend a $100,000 lottery win on a down payment for a house.
Only 33% of people keep a monthly budget. See Foresters.com for more info.
43% of consumers say the top reason for owning life insurance is to help pay off a mortgage. Foresters term life insurance products can help protect your biggest asset. Visit foresters.com to learn more or contact your life insurance agent.
How can life insurance help me protect my mortgage? Answer: If you passed away unexpectedly, you would want your family to stay in their home. Term life insurance allows you to choose coverage that considers the length of your mortgage and you can keep the same level of coverage even after your mortgage is paid. If you pass away during the term, your beneficiaries would receive the death benefit if the policy, which they can then use to make mortgage payments.
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Your clients have worked hard all their lives and they deserve a comfortable retirement. Whether retirement is around the corner or it’s decades away, Foresters has solutions to help them achieve their dreams.

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Americans are $6.6 trillion dollars short of what they need to retire comfortably. See Foresters.com for more info.
49% of retirees claim their retirement date was dictated by factors our of their control. See Foresters.com for more info.
The average cost of a funeral in 2015 was $8,508. Foresters offers guaranteed level premiums through affordable insurance to help cover final expense needs. See Foresters.com for more info.
More than one third of adults are concerned with leaving others to pay for their funceral expenses. See Foresters.com for more info.
At Foresters Financial, we believe our life insurance and investment products are just a starting point. Our financial strength3 helps your clients reach their financial goals, protect their family, and improve the place your clients live.

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Helping clients choose the right life insurance products

Term life

Are your clients protected against the unexpected? Term life insurance can help their loved ones continue to enjoy the life they’ve planned, no matter what happens. Learn more about our Foresters Financial term life products.

Whole life

Whole life insurance provides a lifetime of protection and can build cash values on a tax-deferred basis,2 which can be used to help fund expenses such as college funding. Learn more about Foresters Financial whole life products.

Universal life

Help your clients strike a balance between today’s pressures and tomorrow’s needs. Universal life insurance provides lifetime insurance protection as well as the potential for tax-deferred4 cash value. Learn more about Foresters Financial universal life products.

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We believe in working with communities to make our purpose a reality. That’s why we invest time and money in ways we can work together to make a difference, including neighborhood programs, charities, and scholarships.4

We believe that you deserve more than a financial services provider – you deserve a partner that will help you prosper and improve your community. Click here to see how our agents get involved in our purpose.